Meet our Lover-Boy, Valentino!
 This darling guy is searching for the love of his life to give him a Forever Home. Tino is a sweet, smart boy. He can be a bit shy until he knows you, but then he is all kisses and tail wags. Tino has been raised with other dogs and he has been attending Doggy Daycare every week to socialize.  He will benefit from a proper introduction so that he isn’t overwhelmed by new doggy friends. Tino has also had many kitties in his foster home, so he is use to them.
Valentino is a very special pup. He has a condition called Megaesophagus (ME). It is an stretching of the esophagus creating pockets that don’t let the food go all the way down. It can cause regurgitation of food. Thankfully, Tino has a mild case of ME and it is managed with food consistency and eating upright. (See this video for The Proper Care and Feeding of Valentino!  Feeding Valentino (  ) Tino knows exactly what to do at mealtimes and he is adorable when he gets into his chair by himself!
Valentino is a Lab/Husky mix and he will need plenty of daily exercise as well as training to help him shine. We strongly suggest that Tino’s adopters take him to a formal obedience class to help them learn to work together. We will be offering $100 of his adoption fee back after he completes a training course. Tino loves to learn new things and will be a fun dog to train. 
Tino loves going for car rides and enjoys walks. He is happy snuggling up and watching TV at the end of the day.
Tino is ready to find a perfect new family that will love and care for him. He will reward you with kisses and whoo-whoos!

Valentino was born in Nov 2020.

He is neutered, fully vaccinated

and microchipped.