Meet Moose, the furry feline with a flair for adventure and a heart of gold! Moose's journey from street prowler to cozy couch connoisseur is nothing short of remarkable. Despite his rugged past, Moose has embraced indoor living with gusto, reveling in the comfort of a warm lap and the gentle caress of ear rubs.
Picture Moose, lounging majestically in a sunbeam, his whiskers twitching with contentment as he surveys his kingdom from the windowsill. His big, soulful eyes sparkle with mischief as he bats around catnip mice and ping pong balls with the finesse of a seasoned athlete.
But Moose isn't just any ordinary cat; he's a survivor. His wonky leg and battle scars tell a tale of resilience and strength. Yet, despite life's challenges, Moose remains as resilient as ever, his spirit unbroken and his heart full of love.
In his foster home, Moose is the reigning king of cool, holding court with his fellow feline friends with a regal air. As long as they respect his personal space, harmony reigns supreme. Moose is not a big fan of dogs, we can imagine his life on the street put him on edge with the canines.
So if you're looking for a furry companion who's equal parts adventurer and cuddlebug, look no further than Moose. With his larger-than-life personality and heartwarming resilience, Moose is ready to charm his way into your heart and home, one ear rub at a time.

Moose was a neighborhood stray that was picked up by a good Samaritan when they noticed he was dragging his front and rear legs on Thanksgiving day. They took him to an ER vet for care. The vet was able to stabilize Moose and do xrays before transferring him to the local shelter.  Seeing how much damage there was, the shelter reached out for help. We were able to pick Moose up and get him to our vet for evaluation. Moose had a large abscess on his back leg and other, less serious wounds on his body. But the main thing was his front leg. The bones in his "wrist" had been crushed.  Amputation was an option, but we really did not want to go that way. Moose is a big boy, weighing about 15 lbs. Cats carry most of their weight on the front legs and leaving Moose with only one could be detrimental in the long run. We discussed it with our vet and he thought it was possible to stabilize the leg enough for some use. So off Moose went to surgery. Moose had a long recovery with very limited activity. His leg is not perfect, but he uses it for balance, some weight bearing, and to occasionally whack a kitty that is in his personal space. We were happy that it worked out.

As Moose recovered, we noticed his eyes were squinty and had discharge. So off to the vet we went again. Poor Moose had entropion (the turning in of the eyelids/lashes) on both eyes! This is very irritaing and painful for the animal and will eventually lead to blindness. Moose underwent surgery to correct the problem and it was a great sucess. Moose is finally healthy and ready to find a home of his own!


Moose was born November 2018
Male, Neutered, Vaccinated, Wormed, 
and Microchipped
His adoption fee is $65

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