Twinkie was born March 19, 2023
Male, Neutered, Vaccinated, Wormed, 
and Microchipped
His adoption fee is $65

You can fill out our online adoption application or contact us if you have more questions.

Twinkie came to us from an overcrowded shelter with his siblings and mama. They had respiratory issues and eye infections. 
We were able to treat the group and now they are healthy, happy kittens (and Mama!)

Meet Twinkie.  At first glance, he's a bit shy, but with a little patience and time you will earn his trust, Then he's all about the love! Picture this: Twinkie, the master of relaxation, basking in the glory of a luxurious back rub like it's his own personal spa day.  And when it's playtime, this little furball transforms into a ninja warrior, chasing catnip mice and jingle balls with the agility of a seasoned athlete!  But wait, there's more! Ever witnessed the magic of a cat in a box? Twinkie's specialty move involves stealthily hiding in boxes, waiting to pounce and surprise his foster kitten pals like a furry ninja in training!  And let's not forget his ultimate dream: finding a forever family with a kitty companion to share in the joy of playtime and snuggles. Are you ready to invite this purrfect bundle of joy into your home?