In remembrance of sweet Little Dot

Sweet Priscilla

Nov. 23 2020

Today  we had to help to our darling hospice kitty, Priscilla, cross the Rainbow Bridge. This sweet old girl came to us 2 years ago in deplorable shape. Her "owner" had thrown her outside and made her fend for herself for years. She was simply not capable of taking care of herself. She was stick thin, matted and sick. We worked hard to help her recover, but it soon became apparent that she would need a lot of care for the rest of her life. So Priscilla became our fospice kitty. We loved this little old lady so much. It hurt to say good-bye, but it was time. Rest in peace sweetheart, you deserved a better life


We had a very sad weekend. Cache Humane Society took in a litter of 5 two week old puppies whose mother had just died. One of the pups had a problem with her lip and was having trouble nursing. CHS reached out to find someone that could tube feed her. We were happy to be able to help them out and arranged transport for her and one of her brothers as a companion. When we first got the puppy, named Little Dot by our vet techs, we got some food down her and then took a close look at her. She had a cut running across her nose and half of her upper lip. The skin beneath it had died off. We called and were able to rush her into our veterinarian. When we arrived they whisked her into the back to start assessing her. Our vet placed a catheter and administered dextrose, antibiotics, and pain meds right away. He came out to tell us the scary news; the wound had gone septic and poor Little Dot was in bad shape. He gave us the option of euthanizing her or trying IV antibiotics, but he said her chances were very low. We asked if she was in pain and were assured that with the pain meds she wasn’t. We chose to try. After stabilizing her and administering her first dose, we were given careful instructions on how to continue the meds and care for her. The vet arranged to meet us the next day.
Sadly, the infection was just too much for Dot’s tiny body to fight. She passed away in the arms of her foster mom. We believe she knew she was loved.
We would like to thank Dr. Tarassov and the wonderful staff at Olympus Cove Veterinary Clinic. They truly went above and beyond to try to save our Little Dot.
We still have her brother and we will continue to care for and love him until he is ready to find his forever home.
We sincerely say thank you to all of the people involved in rescuing this litter of puppies. We all had our hearts broken a little this weekend but we will continue the work. It’s what we do. Go hug your furbabies and know what a difference you make