​Meet Morel, a kitten with a heart full of love and a spirit brimming with curiosity. His sweet nature makes him a delightful companion, always ready to lend a gentle purr or a playful pounce. Morel's friendly demeanor shines as he greets everyone with a warm, welcoming mew. His curiosity knows no bounds; he's always ready to explore new toys, chase after a piece of string, or solve the mystery of a rustling paper bag. Morel would be best adopted in a home with another playfull kitty, maybe one of his foster buddies (we offer 2 for 1 on kitten adoptions!) Morel's cuddly nature makes him the perfect snuggle buddy, his soft purrs a soothing melody for quiet evenings. His gentle and playful nature would bring joy and laughter to any home. Adopt Morel and let his sweet, curious nature fill your life with love and happiness.

​Morel and his siblings came to us from a rural shelter where they were brought in as young orphans. We were able to bottle feed and care for them until they were big enough to find homes of their own.

​Morel was born June 17, 2023
Male, Neutered, Vaccinated, Wormed, 
and Microchipped
His adoption fee is $85

We love to place our kittens together
so we offer a "2 for 1" on
all kittens!
You can fill out our online adoption application or contact us if you have more questions.