This cute boy came to us from a shelter where he was not thriving with the rest of his litter. He was extremely underweight and way behind in growth. When he came in he only weighed 14 oz at 8 weeks old! He also had some major issues with his legs. The shelter thought it might be swimmers syndrome, but when we saw him we knew it was more than that. We were also concerned he may have hydrocephalus.
We got Luca to our vet and had him evaluated. It turns out he has a bad overbite that prevented him from nursing. Thankfully he loves wet food and and has even learned to eat kibble as he has grown bigger.

Unfortunately, we found that Luca's bones are brittle and porous. As he has aged, his condition has become worse. He still gets around with some help from his Foster Mama, and he is not in any pain. Luca plays with toys and even wrestles a little with other kittens (carefully supervised)

Luca is a happy little guy. He's all purrs and cuddles.

Luca is the light of his Foster Mom's life. He will stay with her in hospice care as long as he lives. We know that Luca's time on this earth is limited, but we will do all we can to give him a good life full of love.