​Meet Holly! Holly came to us after her and her siblings were turned into animal control. The shelter noticed that Holly and her brother had broken legs. We offered to take the 2 puppies to get their legs repaired. We got them to our vet and made a plan of action to repair their legs.

Unfortunately, a few days after they arrived at their Foster home, the puppies broke with parvovirus. Sadly, the little boy, Jolly, did not make it. But we fought hard for Holly, and she managed to pull through and get better.

We were able to get Holly back to the vet last week after she quit shedding the virus. Our vet took more x-rays and we were able to determine that Holly needs to have surgery to help her live a pain free life. The surgery will involve cutting the radius bone and placing a plate so that Holly's leg can grow normally. 

​We are excited to get the surgery done and help Holly get through the recovery. We are sure this little gal is going to make a great addition to some lucky person's life!


Holly had her surgery and has recovered well. She made it through her crate rest period and was finally able to have supervised out time. Unfortunately, she chose to chew at her stiches, so she got to wear a bandage!


Holly had her 4  week checkup for her leg. All is looking great on the xrays, but our vet decided to splint her leg for extra support because of Holly's silly, active behavior. We'll check again in a couple of weeks to make sure she is fully healed.


Holly went back for her last checkup. Her xrays show everything is looking good. However, Holly isn't using her leg as much as she should be. She kind of hops on it a lot. So, we are going to get her into some physical therapy and rehab for a couple of weeks to help strengthen her muscles and build her confidence on that leg. Stay tuned for rehab updates!