Henry was born Jan 1, 2024
Male, Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed, and Microchipped

Adoption Fee $300

Henry and his sister were brought into the shelter by the breeder because they were sick. They had not been nursing well and the owners tried syringe feeding them. Unfortunately, if you aren't very careful, that can lead to aspiration pneumonia in neonates. Both puppies were very sick and struggling to breathe. Instead of going to the vet for care, the breeder brought them to the shelter to be euthanized. The wonderful shelter staff took them to the vet for help instead. Sadly the little girl didn't make it. We were able to pick Henry up the next day, but had to keep him on oxygen on the way home. Thankfully we found someone to.lend us a portable oxygen concentrator. We spent a couple of worried, sleepless days tube feeding him and keeping him in the incubator with oxygen. Then, finally, we had a break-through and he started taking the bottle!

We took Henry to the vet to check for hydrocephalus, but thankfully he did not have it. Our vet did detect a slight heart murmur that we kept an eye on. Happily, when we went back several weeks later the heart murmur had resolved itself! Henry was neutered with no problems and is now just an active, happy guy looking for love


This cutie is Henry the House Hippo! Henry is a fun-loving little guy that really enjoys playtime! His favorite toy is his stuffed dinosaur. He is starting to teethe and he likes to gnaw on his chewie bone. Henry loves to meet new people, he is outgoing and social. Henry has been learning some basic commands, but still has a ways to go.  He is working on his housebreaking. He understands that he should go potty when you take him outside, but is still learning how to let us know when he needs to go out. He sleeps in an xpen with his bed and a puppy pad. Henry likes other dogs, although as a puppy, he can be a bit annoying. However, he takes corrections from his adult “foster siblings” well and learns to be calmer. Henry has been around cats and understands that they have claws lol.
Henry would do fine with older children that can help him learn and be respectful of him.
This guy is ready to go on his next big adventure!