Bing was born Oct 16, 2023
Male, Neutered, Vaccinated, Wormed, 
and Microchipped
His adoption fee is $85

We love to place our kittens together
so we offer a "2 for 1" on
all kittens!
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We took Bing as a tiny 8 week old guy from the shelter after he was brought in by his caretaker. They had accidentally stepped on him in the middle of the night and didn't have the means to get him the medical care he needed. We were able to get him into our vet and had a thorough evaluation and Xrays. There were no breaks or fractures in his back or legs and there were no fractures in his skull (yay!)  Our vet believes Bing had a concussion and swelling in his brain and back. We were able to get him medicated and put him on cage rest while he healed. Thankfully Bing was able to make a full recovery. As you can see by the slideshow, he is a crazy, active, normal kitten now.


Bing is all about fun! He is active and very energetic. Bing hasn't met a toy that he doesn't like, but his favorite is a feather on a bouncy wire. He plays with this toy for hours! Bing loves everyone and is always happy to get ear rubs and back scritches.  Bing likes to be in charge and is bossy with the other kitties, but he really needs to be adopted with a kitten friend or have a playful cat in his new home.  He just loves playing with the other kitties in his foster home. Bing has been around calm dogs as well.

​Bing will make a fun addition to his new family