We would like to welcome our new sweet girl, Zuri. This little darling came to us last night. She was rescued from an abusive situation by some wonderful people. Unfortunately, she is having seizures. We were up at 2 am holding her and trying to calm her after she had a grand mal seizure.🥺 We don't know if they are being caused by trauma or a medical condition. She is at the vet now and they are running tests to find a way to help her. 
The diagnostics are going to be expensive and we are reaching out to our wonderful donors for help. This beautiful girl deserves a chance at a long and happy life. Any amount would be so appreciated. 

UPDATE 12:00 The vet called to let us know she had a seizure while at the clinic. They got an IV in and are treating her while they work on finding the cause.

UPDATE 2 Zuri was released and came home to her foster. She is on anti-seizure medication and we will be watching her closely.

UPDATE 3 Poor little Zuri has broken with parvovirus. She is being aggressively treated and we have every hope that she will pull through.

UPDATE 4 Oct 5 Zuri is doing great! She finished off her medication and seems to be over the parvo. She is still in quarantine because she could still be shedding the virus. We have a vet appointment this week and we hope to learn more.