2/2020 Xena is our new little cleft palate puppy. Xena came to us at 5 days old. She was losing weight and not doing too well because she was unable to latch on to her momma. We took Xena in and tube fed her to keep her weight up. She struggled to gain weight, and was also a bit behind in her development. Her eyes didn't open until she was 3 weeks old.

Xena has finally started gaining wieght and growing like a weed. She is eating kibble and drinking from her special water bottle. Xena loves to play with the other dogs. She loves snuggling with her foster mom and dad too!

  Xena has been to our vet and we have found no other issues with her health. We won't know the extent of Xena's needs for her cleft palate until she is a little older.

UPDATE: 8/2020 Xena is doing so well! She had a bit of trouble with sinus infections but with some antibiotics and care she is doing much better. Unfortunately Xena missed out on some socializtion and training due to the Covid-19. She was getting a bit shy and protective so we were very lucky that a wonderful trainer and friend is fostering and working with her for a while. Xena will soon be looking for her forever home!