Xena is the cutest little warrior princess you'll ever meet with a fiesty spirit that will win your heart quickly. Xena is house trained and great in her crate. Xena is good with most dogs with a proper introduction but would do best with bigger playful dogs. Xena spent her early days around cats and has been ok with her foster home’s guinea pigs.  Xena is a bit shy and takes a bit to warm up to new people, but once she decides your cool, then she loves you to pieces. We suggest that she goes to a home with older children, she can be a bit rambunctious with the little ones. She is a smart girl that loves to learn and has done well in training. We highly recommend that she continue with her training classes to help her blossom into the wonderful dog that she is. Xena is going to make some lucky person the Best Friend ever!

Xena will always have some food restrictions and may require a little extra veterinary care over her lifetime, but she is otherwise expected to live a normal life. We spoke at length with our vet and spent some time determining if we should repair her cleft. In the end we decided that she is doing well with it and the dangers of the surgery were too great for her needs. Xena eats kibble out of a bowl and drinks out of a regular water dish. She does sneeze some of the water out and occasionally gets food stuck in her cleft, but she usually clears it herself. Xena can’t have any soft or wet foods. She must be kept on dry kibble. No canned or mushy foods, and no liquids other than water. She can have kibble, jerky-style treats, cooked meat, chews, etc.; just nothing with a goopy or liquid consistency that could cause her to aspirate. Plain water is fine. Her new family will need to watch and make sure Xena does not get anything stuck in her cleft that she cannot clear and keep an eye open for any infection.  

 Xena came to us at 5 days old with a cleft palate. She was losing weight and not doing too well because she was unable to latch on to her momma. We took Xena in and tube fed her to keep her weight up. She struggled to gain weight, and was also a bit behind in her development. Her eyes didn't open until she was 3 weeks old.

Xena finally started gaining wieght and grew like a weed. 

  Xena has been to our vet and we have found no other issues with her health. 

 She had a bit of trouble with sinus infections but with some antibiotics and care she is doing much better. Unfortunately Xena missed out on some socializtion and training due to the Covid-19. She was getting a bit shy and protective so we were very lucky that a wonderful trainer and friend is fostering and working with her!

Xena was born Feb 2020,
Female, Spayed, Vaccinated, Wormed, and Microchipped

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Princess Warrior