Poor little Stevie has some pretty significant eye issues. He was at the shelter and he was SO scared.  He was just sitting in the cage with his face in the corner shaking. It broke our hearts. So we went and got him. Stevie has a terrible case of earmites and an ear infection on top of his eye troubles. We treated him for mites and are treating the ear infection. His poor eyes are really messed up. We aren't sure how much (if anything) he can see. We aren't sure if it is due to a virus or a congenital deformity. We have a vet visit scheduled so we will know more soon. In the meantime, he is safe, warm and well fed. Stevie is nervous in his new foster home but he loves having his chin scratched. We will do our best for this sweetheart. Send Stevie your love!

*UPDATE* Nov 23 2020   Yesterday we took our new boy, Stevie, to the vet to find out what was going on with his poor eyes. Well, it turns out the poor little guy has entropion in both eyes. His eyelids are turned inwards causing lashes and hair to rub on his eyeballs. Ouch! Thankfully our vet doesn't think there is permanent damage yet. So Stevie will be heading in next week to have surgery and get this corrected. Then this sweet guy can start looking for his Forever Home!