This 12 year old sweetheart was brought into the shelter in terrible condition. She was literally skin and bones. She was filthy and covered in matts. She cannot stand properly on her back legs, her eyes are cloudy, her ears were packed with debris from an ear mite infestation, and she had a respiratory infection. She just broke our hearts when we saw her. When we got her home we started bathing her. Priscilla's rear legs and hind end were matted with feces and it took several soaking to get her clean. As we tried to take off the knots, her skin was so fragile that it tore and left open wounds. So we had to slowly and very carefully remove the matts. Her ears have been treated and cleaned and thankfully she has a good appetite. We took Priscilla to our vet for a check. He decided to send the bloodwork and fecal sample out so we could get the most advanced workup done.  She is negative for diabetes but the vet suspects hyperthyroidism. Pricilla has a total cataract in one eye and a pinpoint one in the other eye. She walks on her hocks in both rear legs and one of her feet curls under. Our vet thinks she may have nerve damage as the bones are fine. She needs a dental, but that will have to wait until she is in better shape. In the meantime, Pricilla is receiving the care and attention she needs. We are making sure she knows she is loved and she is getting to know her foster home.

*UPDATE on our sweet old girl Priscilla. Her bloodwork came back pretty good. (We were all surprised) She had elevated white blood cells and lower Red that indicated an infection. She was already on antibiotics so we were covered. Our vet reran the tests yesterday and her levels are much better. Sadly, Priscilla's problems are mostly caused by starvation and neglect. She has put on over a pound since we got her. She is still pretty rough looking but we don't want to cause more skin damage so we decided to have her shaved while anesthetized in the next week or so. We just want her to be a bit stronger. She loves sleeping in the sunshine on our bed. Just like a little old lady should!

​Meet Priscilla