Josie and her siblings came to us with their feral mama. They were part of a Trap Neuter Release (TNR) program to help stop the birth of unwanted kittens. We were able to help by taking this litter. Mama cat was very feral and she was spayed, vetted and re-released. She is in a colony with a care giver that feeds and cares for these cats. The kittens were luckily young enough that they were able to adjust to being in a home.


Josie is such a love-bug! She loves to cuddle and get her ears rubbed. Josie really likes playing with her kitty friends too. She loves her stuffed toys and feather-on-a-string! Josie gets along with everyone.  Josie is a great kitten and will make some lucky family very happy too have her

Josie was born April 21, 2020,
Female, Spayed, Vaccinated, Wormed, and Microchipped
Her adoption fee is $85

We love to place our kittens together so we offer a "2 for 1" on
all kittens!
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