Jax is the sweetest kitty. Those big gold eyes just beg to be loved! And those gorgeous whiskers!!
Jax was adopted out a while ago, but came back to us when a family crisis made it impossible for his owner to keep him. He's a little confused and might take a while to feel safe in his new home.
Jax came to Lorelei's Legacy as a kitten from the shelter because of an infection in his foot. We took him to our vet and found the infection had disintegrated the bone in his toe and was still going strong. After discussing our options, we decided to amputate the toe. There was concern that just treating the infection could allow the bone issues to spread and we didn't want to chance him losing his leg. He may have a funny gait afterwards, but that will just add to his charm! Jax is the cutest boy! He even purred at the vet!
Jax loves everyone. He lives to be cuddled. He'll spend hours playing with a ping pong ball. He has his favorite catnip mousie too. Jax would love to have a cat savvy dog at his new home to keep him company

Jax was born in June 2018,
Male, Neutered, Vaccinated,
Wormed, and Microchipped
His adoption fee is $65

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