​Are you looking for a new roommate? Have we got the guy for you! Binx is a smart, handsome, outgoing boy. Binx is into pizza and binging Netflix while sitting next to a good friend
He is friendly and affectionate but can entertain himself while you are busy bringing home the bacon (and tuna). Indeed, Binx has a whole itinerary of things to do. He will run a perimeter sweep of the house to be sure it is safe from marauding mice, he’ll chase down and interrogate that wayward fly. Binx will follow the sunbeams across the floor, testing them for the proper napping warmth. He’ll test the softness of the couch cushions and make sure all of the catnip toys are in line. After a hard day of work Binx likes to relax with a quick grooming and stretching routine, followed by a brisk snooze on the bed.
Binx can be a bit finicky about his feline friends. He currently coexisits with a calm lady-cat that gives him his space. He is less fond of the other kitty that is always all up in his business. He responds to that personal invasion with growls and swats. Binx sees himself as a lone-wolf type so he would be fine as an only cat.
Binx is not a fan of dogs (to the point of aggression) He came to us with a leg injury after being attacked by a dog. He has neither forgiven nor forgotten it.
Binx likes his personal space and he needs that to be respected, so he would prefer to join a home that has older or no children.
So if you are a mature home seeking the perfect housemate, Binx could be your guy. He is ready to pay for room and board with kitty kisses, headbutts and purrs.

Binx came to us with an injury to his rear leg caused by being attacked by a dog. The poor guy couldn't even bear weight on it. All of the pain put him in a very bad mood and he was acting out. Thankfully, our wonderful vet was able to sedate him and figure out what was going on. Binx had an old break in his tibia. The vet said it happened at least a month ago and there isn't much we can do about it because it has remodeled and healed. More concerning was a large bloodclot in the leg that our vet believes is from a totally different injury. He was able to open it and drain the leg. After that Binx has turned into a totally different kitty. He is sweet and loving now that the pain is gone.

Binx was born in 2019,
Male, Neutered, Vaccinated, Wormed, and Microchipped
His adoption fee is $65

You can fill out our online adoption application or contact us if you have more questions.